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Tyzen was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba - Canada. He grew up a very quietly/shy boy but still managed to immerse himself into art and music. He played Piano, Guitar, Trumpet and Violin.

Back in 1988, at the early age of 14 he discovered his love for the art of Magic & Illusion while watching David Copperfield on Television. Since then, Tyzen pointed his creative talents in that direction and never looked back. He became a member of the Society of Young Magicians and in his first year of magic Tyzen was already performing on the weekends at children’s birthday parties while still maintaining his school grades. That very year he won the Junior Grand Championship Award at Magic Week 1989 hosted by the Society of American Magicians. This award caught the attention of local booking agents which in return filled his calendar up.

During Tyzen’s Junior Year in High School he witnessed a Reveen performance and was completely mesmerized by his show. Thereafter, Tyzen sought out anything he could learn about the art of Hypnotism. By the end of his Senior year Tyzen had already concocted a show that featured illusions, magic, hypnosis and comedy. After graduation he set forth honing these skills delighting audiences within central Canada.

In 2005 Tyzen made a move to Calgary, Alberta - Canada. Living in a bigger city forced Tyzen to up his game. He reinvented himself with an edgy rock n roll look and started attending conventions to compete on an international level. Tyzen managed to stir up quite the buzz with his fresh and welcomed approach to Stage Hypnosis and took the U.S. market by storm! Shortly there after Tyzen was imported down south and his popularity grew exponentially.

In 2012 Tyzen landed his first major casino residency. Harrah’s Reno collaborated with Tyzen and BLV Productions to produce Persuasion. A 75 minute production that ran throughout the whole summer in Sammy’s Showroom. It featured Tyzen The Comedy Hypnotist, 6 beautiful showgirls, sassy choreography and special effects.

Currently Tyzen appears at fairs across North America, at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas in the V Theater when he covers for Celebrity Hypnotist Marc Savard and is also entertaining audiences on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines©. Visit Tyzen’s Tour Dates, you never know where he’ll appear next!